How to fit exercise into a busy life

Todays blog comes courtesy of my boyfriend. When I asked him about blog topics and things people may want some help with, this came out straight away. We all want to feel better about ourselves and we all want to look and feel confident in…

Recipe – Protein Flapjack

Top 5 tips to start at the gym

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Top 5 reasons to start exercising Today!

It is very easy to keep putting off going to the gym or going out for that run, however much you told yourself you would start tomorrow! Well Today is the new Tomorrow and there is no better time to start aiming for that fitter,…

Superfoods still have calories

Top 5 tips to cut calories

Recipe – Protein Waffles

Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight

TOP 5 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT Many people struggle to lose weight. I have compiled my top 5 tips, you can follow to kickstart and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe consistency is key, apply the tips to your life and you will see a…

Win a month of personal training

Easter Bunny Hop Workout

Recipe – Protein Baked Oats