HIIT and Hope Bootcamp

Bootcamp exercise class

HIIT and Hope Bootcamp

HIIT and Hope Bootcamp, a high intensity 45 minute workout for both Men and Women

Spending 45mins burning fat, having fun and getting fitter in a variety of ways. From HIIT workouts and boxing, to games and circuits, everything is covered to ensure your workout is constantly varied and fun.

By keeping classes smaller, you are able to get the most out of the workout by maintaining good form within each exercise through constant guidance and assessment. I want exercise to enhance your life, to be something that allows you to spend 45 minutes doing something for you. Whether you are a seasoned gym goer or have never worked out at all, all levels and abilities are catered for. I am constantly on hand to help you whether its questions you may have or just a push to keep you working right up until the end.

Don’t dream of a fitter, healthier and happier you, join our Bootcamp and make the first step.

Based out of the Holymead Hub on Wick Road in Brislington, the idea for a bootcamp came when I saw the struggle some of my friends had to fit fitness around childcare. Often after doing the school run, many Mums rush home to carry on the chores and then run out of time to get to the gym or out for any exercise.

And so, Busy Mum Bootcamp was born. Starting at 9.15am, the fitness is completed before you get home leaving the rest of the day free to get everything else done.

(Although post school drop off, Children are very welcome to come along, sit at the back or join in… I leave that choice to you.)

After getting lots of enquiries from Men, the class was rebranded to HIIT and Hope Bootcamp, allowing Men to join in on the Tuesday night session.

Classes are currently running on a Monday at 9.15am (Women only) and a Tuesday at 7pm. Please use my contact form for any further information.

Classes are £5