Top 5 Tips to Feel Great

5 tips to feel greatTOP 5 TIPS TO FEEL GREAT

It is really easy to forget yourself sometimes. You are constantly on the go, trying to be here, there and everywhere that you end up feeling run down, tired and lacking energy. Here are 5 tips that might help you to get your mojo back and feeling great.


Yes, I know, it is easier said than done. But it doesn’t have to be hours and hours of ‘me’ time. A quick walk to the shop rather than a drive, eating your lunch outside or even just cooking your favourite meal for dinner can all make you feel great. Small things throughout the day to make you smile.


Make the most of the summer and get outside as much as you can. Walk, exercise, eat and just enjoy the sunshine. My favourite thing to do is to go walking in the evenings, even just half an hour makes me feel 100% better after sitting at a screen all day. You can even just enjoy the outside at your local park so your children get some exercise while you get to lap up the sunshine.


We are very lucky at the moment to have lots of yummy in season fruits and vegetables. Fill up on local strawberries, raspberries and salads. Fill up your plate with nutrient dense food to make you feel incredible and not suffer from the dreaded 3pm sugar slump.


Find an activity you enjoy, whether it is cycling, running, walking, roller blading or swimming set yourself some time to do it. Nothing is better than the feeling after a workout, you will also find that you feel fitter, more toned and you may even lose some of the weight you have been trying really hard to lose.


Not only should you get enough sleep, you need good quality sleep. Make your bedroom a place you want to sleep in. De clutter, move your phone out of the room and have no distractions. My best tip, is to have the room really cool… difficult in summer months but a fan can help. You need good quality sleep to enable your body to rest and repair itself. Without it you will not feel great.

Download the PDF below to keep up your collection (my last Top 5 can be found here) or just as a reminder when you need a boost.

Top 5 Tips PDF



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