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a picture about me

You may have been following my blogs for a little while now or contemplating hiring me to help you with your health and fitness or perhaps, like me, you’re a bit nosey and would like to know a bit more about the person behind the website. So today, I am going to delve a bit deeper into who I am and why I do what I do. Lets begin…

Who am i?

I live in Brislington with my lovely boyfriend and two crazy cats Ned and Dot. I have been into sport for as long as I can remember and have played football competitively now for around 20 years. I grew up with a sports mad Dad and a not so sporty Mum, but was encouraged to try as many sports and fitness activities as we could fit into our spare time. I believe it has enabled me to grow into a balanced, healthy adult with a sense that to achieve great things you must work for them. Something I pride myself on within my business. I love sunshine, eating incredible food and exploring new places that I can hike or run.

Why do I love being a PT?

For me, fitness is not about winning races, having rippling abs or being able to squat twice my bodyweight. I want to be able to do anything i put my mind to… want to run 5km? I can. Want to run around after my Niece? I can. Want to jump, ski, ice skate, climb a mountain? I can. I want to be able to do everything, no I may not be the fastest runner or the best at squatting heavy but I can do everything that enables me to have a great life. I want to be fit for life. I believe there is a real lack of reality in a lot of peoples minds when it comes to health and fitness. I don’t want people to be put off trying to get themselves fitter because they don’t think they can get the ‘transformation’ that so many trainers offer. I want you to inspire you. I want you to feel great and as an added bonus, look better and lose weight to a level where you can still enjoy life. Yes that means you can’t eat McDonalds every day if you want to feel 100% but you can still enjoy the more ‘unhealthy’ choices as part of a balanced diet. Because at the end of the day, what is life without dinner with friends or a little bit of chocolate every now and then? I want to help people to live the life they want and to inspire their children!

What exercise do i enjoy?

I like to keep my workouts very varied so that I am always looking forward to working out. I like my clients to have this sense of excitement too, whether thats working out with a friend or trying out some new moves, my sessions are always interesting. I will never let you train if you are not enjoying it, whether it promises to get you to the place you want to be quicker or not. Its a lifestyle and I want it to be a sustainable way of life not a quick fix. My all time favourite exercise is hiking, exploring areas of beauty like the Brecon Beacons or coastal paths where you can only get too if you walk. This country has some serious beauty on offer you just need to get out and find it.

What motivates me?

Currently, I want to run a faster 5k time. This has been something I never thought I would achieve over the past 2 years as I would class myself as more of a plodder. But slowly my speed is increasing… To do this I have upped my HIIT workouts and increased my flexibility as I struggled with tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Another motivating factor, is my clients. I want my clients to see that I am always striving to better myself and try new things and I would love to think that I motivate them to try harder too. I also want to prove that you can look good in your own skin without huge sacrifices to everyday life. I still eat out, I still have the occasional drink and I am happy with how I look. No i am not super ripped or lean but I am at a maintainable level for me.

So thats a brief overview of me. I feel I could go on for days but you are probably bored already! I just want you to see that fitness does not have to be all about protein shakes and dumbbell curls, tailor your journey for you and find your motivation.



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