Christmas… fitness sabotage?


Christmas, the most wonderful time of year… or absolute torture for maintaining any form of balanced diet and consistency with training?

With numerous Christmas parties, gatherings, family events and just because its Christmases, this time of year can seem like an absolute minefield when it comes to not undoing the hard work you have put in through the rest of the year. However, it really doesn’t have to be.

Last year, I enjoyed every single event, I drank alcohol, hot chocolates, double portions of Christmas dinner and Dessert and I didn’t put on a single pound. No it isn’t just down to good genes or having tiny portions to start with, I just enlisted a few survival tactics which proved to be my saving grace. I went into 2017 feeling just as fit and ready to go as I did before December started.

So, how did i do it?


I consistently exercised throughout December including Christmas Day. Whether it was a run, a gym session or a walk, I did something every day. Christmas Day involved a lovely 2 hour walk with the whole family chatting and laughing (It didn’t feel like exercise at all). Something is better than nothing. Even if you fit a 20 minute HIIT workout in or a gentle stroll to the shop, do not see Christmas as a time to just give up and sit still… you will thank yourself for it in January.

2. Breakfast of Kings

I ate a large breakfast everyday. Fruit, cereal, bacon and eggs every day. Having a large breakfast meant I didn’t feel full for the rest of the day until late afternoon, skipping out several hours of usual snack times. Prepare for the day correctly.

3. Drink water

We all love a creamy hot chocolate or a nice glass of red wine. But to cut down on your calories and to prevent feelings of hunger, make sure you regularly drink water. Many times when we feel hungry we are just dehydrated and often will drink half a bottle of wine without even realising. For every drink, try and have a soft drink… slashing the calories in half.

4. Portion control

I am the biggest snacker around. Open a grab bag of anything and I will happily eat the lot. Don’t deny yourself the yummy snack food but dispense a smaller amount into a bowl rather than just having the whole bag or tin of Quality Street out. We often eat without even thinking about it, if it is easily accessible… out of sight, out of mind. Have a small treat bowl rather than a feast.

5. Enjoy yourself

Its very rare you get to spend time with all your loved ones…. enjoy your time, don’t miss out simply for the sake of your weight. One or two days of eating will not sabotage your prior fitness efforts. Enjoy yourself and get back to your routine after a day or two of enjoyment.

So there we go, be consistent, some exercise is better than no exercise. Control yourself around the snacks and make your meals bigger so you have less room for the higher calorie treats. But the most important, enjoy yourself for a few days, make memories and don’t miss out on the most wonderful time of the year!!


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