A coach getting coached?

For almost a year now, I have paid for a coach. His name is Dan and he helps me with my nutrition. He has helped me to achieve a physique that I never thought I would get and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t achieving it on my own. Why do I have a coach you may ask, am I not good at my job? Do I not know what I am talking about? Can I not just copy the tips I give my clients who want to lose weight or look and feel a certain way?

The simple answer – I have a coach, because just like many of you, I need someone there to give me a kick up the bum and help keep me on track to achieve my goals. I am happy with my training programme and I am very motivated when working out, however nutrition is my area of weakness.


I struggle when left to my own devices to not eat a couple more biscuits or a few nibbles while I am cooking. It is a long-standing habit of mine that I like to graze, my meals tend to be smaller but I like to have snacks throughout the day. When trying to achieve a certain physique, if I don’t control that in some way, I will not progress at the rate I would want to, or expect to. Having Dan, means I always have that person checking up on the food I have eaten and whether I have stuck to the plan he has set me…. That is enough to make me think twice about the second biscuit with my cup of tea.


It is completely natural to doubt yourself, to not think you are ‘doing it right’. I for one am my own worst critic, I come down harder on myself for things I feel I am failing at or not quite reaching my potential on. Having Dan means that I can air my concerns or questions. He guides me and gives me advise on how to improve or sometimes a nudge to say that I am being too harsh on myself, to take a step back and reassess the situation. I have learned so much from him, I have a better understanding of not only nutrition, but my own body. It would be easy to have a specific goal and go hell for leather until you achieve it. But is that healthy or maintainable? Possibly not. Sometimes you need an outsider to reassure you that it is ok to take your foot off the pedal and give your body some much needed rest before you push on again. In fact, that is healthy for not only your body but your mind too.


I crave new knowledge. I like to know the ins and outs of why i am doing things. This makes me both a nightmare and a dream to be taught. If you aren’t sure why you are doing something or you just want more clarity on the reasons why you should do something, ask. In fact I don’t think I ask enough, instead I like to go away and read up on something to get a balanced opinion before asking for advice. The best coaches in the world are constantly learning and striving to improve their knowledge. If you are looking for a coach and they aren’t prepared to listen and learn from others constantly, are they really going to be the best they can be at their job?


I like having Dan as my coach because I know I am not alone in monitoring the food I eat and the way that helps me to fuel my performance when I exercise. To a lot of people, tracking macros or making more unusual choices when you go out to eat is not the norm. People are afraid of change and don’t like to see people changing themselves or being ‘different’. This creates a sense of judgement and many people struggle with this sort of pressure. Having Dan, I am constantly reminded that I am not alone in wanting to see what my body can achieve and what my nutrition does to aid that. Surround yourself with people who push you towards your goals, not those who prevent you reaching them.

So when you ask yourself, what is the benefit of having a personal trainer or a coach? Ask yourself the following questions:


Do you need a bit of a nudge to get up and workout?

Do you struggle to make your workouts exciting and end up quitting?

Do you want some accountability for your actions?

Do you want to workout with someone in the same mind frame as you?

Do you want to better yourself in a maintainable and achievable way?


Maybe having a personal trainer is the way for you to achieve the things you never thought you were able to.


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