Easter Bunny Hop Workout

Hoppy Easter bunny hop workoutTime to ensure we can celebrate Easter and all the goodies that come as part of the holiday with a workout!

Lets get sweaty with the Easter Bunny Hop workout, a hard pyramid style circuit laced with the dreaded bunny hop. In between each exercise, complete 10 bunny hops. The pyramid works by completing every exercise and bunny hop all the way down to 5 pushups and then reverse the workout back up to the top. A killer!!

Beginners should expect to complete 1 circuit, intermediates should aim for 2 and advanced should look to do 3 or more times through. Why not time yourself and see if you can beat your time in a week?

The best part about this workout… you don’t need any equipment so it is easy to complete anywhere and any time! Even if you are going away for the weekend with no gym, you can complete this in your hotel room or back garden!

As with all workouts, ensure you have warmed up thoroughly beforehand to prevent injury, stay hydrated throughout and cool down and stretch once completed!


Easter bunny hop workout downloadable




If you want to download this as a PDF to take with you wherever you are going or you want to print it out for ease, click the following link for the download: easter bunny workout

If you are unsure what a bunny hop looks like, follow this link

Please comment below with your feedback and if you complete the workout! It would be great if you have any workouts you would like to see me create and follow! Lets get this fitness community working together…. teamwork is better than going it alone and we can all support each other on our fitness journeys!

Now time to enjoy some Easter eggs and roast dinners – you have earned it!


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