Enjoy exercising, is it possible?

enjoy exercise outdoors

Exercise, like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Now I am on the love it side of the fence. Fitness and exercise has always been a big part of my daily life. I have played sport since I could walk and as I have grown up, I have tried every form of fitness activity I could find from Zumba, to hiking, to swimming and even trampolining.

Now I would be lying if I said I always have a good workout or I have enjoyed everything I have tried, never again will I don leg warmers and maracas and Zumba. But, through much trial and error, I have found the exercise I enjoy.

I play football, I walk, hike, run, lift weights and, if I got more time, would like to take up yoga and swimming again. I know I look forward to these forms of exercise and they are something I feel I can fit into my routine effortlessly. Exercise should be enjoyable in order for it to be sustainable.

So, what would I suggest to help you find your love for exercise?

-Try a few classes, even classes you don’t think you will like.

– Do not be scared to try something new. We all get nervous around new people especially if you are completely out of your comfort zone. I get many messages from nervous people wanting to come along to my bootcamp who think they can’t do it because they are very unfit or haven’t done anything similar before. Everyone has to start somewhere and your instructor will have seen people of all fitness levels and abilities. It is our job to get you exercising safely and within your ability.

-Don’t stick it out if you really don’t enjoy it. Just because you don’t enjoy the Zumba class doesn’t mean you will dislike all exercise. Book onto something different or book a session with a PT at your gym to help you find what you like.

-Find yourself a good PT. Even if you save and get 4 sessions, they can help you find something you enjoy. My main client rule is that they enjoy our sessions. If they aren’t enjoying the exercise we are doing, then we change it up to find things they really like. This could be boxing, HIIT, rowing, strength training… absolutely anything. A good PT should want you to be able to make health and exercise a fun thing you want to incorporate into your life.

-Get your friends and family involved. Go to a class with a friend, go on a nice long walk with your partner at the weekend, explore your local area or take your children swimming. Every little thing helps to improve your fitness levels and if you are having fun, chances are you won’t even realise you are exercising.

So, the moral of this blog. Just because you hated PE at school or you were rubbish at football when you were younger does not mean you will hate all exercise. Step slightly out of your comfort zone and you may just enjoy it.

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