How to fit exercise into a busy life

busy life exerciseTodays blog comes courtesy of my boyfriend. When I asked him about blog topics and things people may want some help with, this came out straight away.

We all want to feel better about ourselves and we all want to look and feel confident in how we look, whatever shape or size that may be. But it doesn’t just happen by itself. In an ideal world, we would do some form of exercise most days, eat a healthy varied diet, get 8-10 hours sleep a night and ‘me’ time every day. But for most people, this isn’t just an ideal, its an impossibility. We work long hours, sometimes in multiple jobs, we have children and commitments and social lives and time constraints that pressure us in many different ways. However, I believe there are little tips and tricks we can apply to our busy lives, to make exercise and healthy living part of your routine.

1. Make a date with exercise

Book a time in your diary a few times a week where you never book anything else in except exercise. Whether that is 30 minutes exercising at home, time for a short walk or a trip to the gym, make it work for you. Just as you set aside time to go to doctors appointments or drop your children off at various clubs, set aside time for you to workout. The most important thing to make it work, is to ensure you choose a time that you know you can make each week. Whether thats first thing in the morning, last thing at night, just after you have done the school run or in your lunch break. Stick to it religiously and it will soon become a habit.

2. Book a class

If you feel guilty or struggle to stick to blocking out time for you to exercise, book on to an exercise class. Make it something you enjoy like pump or spin or zumba, as long as you are moving, you’re doing it right. Once you have booked and paid, you feel like you can’t miss it, and again it becomes routine.

3. Prioritise

Prioritise your life. If you are saying you haven’t got time to cook healthy food or workout, but you watch soaps back to back or sit in front of the tv every night, you have time… you just don’t want to put in the effort. One small change will make all the difference… record your tv shows and watch them when you finish.

4. Get a calendar

If you forget easily or your family don’t take your desire to workout seriously, get a calendar. Write down all your appointments and time restrictions and block out your appointment to exercise. This sets it in stone and it will become second nature not only to you but to your family too.

5. Work around your children

You haven’t got childcare and can’t afford a babysitter, that shouldn’t stop you. Take your workout outside or at home. Get your children involved. You want to run, get your older children to cycle or scoot along with you… not only are you exercising but they are too. Your children love playing in the park… do a hiit workout in the park while they play. You are still there to keep an eye on them and you have 20 minutes to yourself to do some exercises. If you are at home, take them into the garden, they get time to play/explore and you can workout at the same time. Even if its 20 minutes, it is better than nothing!

I hope some of these tips encourage you to fit some exercise easily into your daily routines. Do what works for you, just because you see other people training for hours at a time in the gym or getting up at 4.30 to train… that does not work for everyone.

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