What to expect when you sign up for Personal Training

personal training

So you are probably reading this for two reasons, you have taken the first step to a happier, healthier you and just signed up with a personal trainer or you really want to sign up for some Personal Training sessions but you don’t know what to expect and are a bit nervous. In this post I am going to explain the whole process to start you training, which will hopefully take away some of your apprehension.

Now I can’t talk for all PT’s, I can only speak for myself, my beliefs and the way I act with my clients but I really think you will take something helpful away from this post.

You searched the internet, you’ve seen someone at your gym or have heard of a trainer through word of mouth and are ready to call your chosen PT to find out some more information. I absolutely hate calling people, always have and probably always will, so i like to keep this part really brief and meet you in person. We will arrange a time and day to suit you so we can basically have a bit of a natter, you get to know me and I get to know you and what you want to achieve from our sessions. If all goes well and we are both happy, we get you booked in for your first session.

My top tip for your first session, wear comfortable gym clothes, your PT really doesn’t care if you match your top to your bottoms or have the fanciest gear. All we care about is that you are wearing suitable clothes to exercise in and you feel comfortable. My biggest issue is that people need to wear sturdy trainers, £5 plimsolls often don’t support your feet properly and it makes exercising far harder for you. Bring along some water, a towel and a can do attitude, you don’t know if you don’t try something.

If you are training in a gym, you will be shown around so you can get your bearings and get comfortable in the environment. If it is outdoors, you will probably get straight in to the session. The first thing I do, is the assessment. It sounds far scarier than it is and I like to emphasise that the assessment is to monitor your progress. I am not judging your weight, your measurements, your fitness level. I am purely looking at it for ways to help you improve. Whether that is because you have tight hamstrings or you want to improve your bench press or just simply you want to lose some weight…. there is zero judgement. It is vital to long term adherence, to see yourself achieving goals and making progress however big or small.

A question I often get asked… ‘I am really unfit, I can’t do a lot in the gym so will I be able to do the session?’ I plan all of my sessions to the individual. You will not do anything too advanced that it will put you in danger of injury. I will be there to demonstrate each exercise and ensure you are completing it correctly for maximum results. My most spoken sentence is that I would rather you regressed a movement, performed it with correct technique and managed 2 reps than did an advanced movement with poor form and completed 10 reps. You will see far more progress through correct technique and form… it is my job to assess this.

You are unsure of how certain exercises are performed or you haven’t even heard of some exercises. Again, a good trainer will always demo and explain the exercises as many times as it takes for you to completely understand them. Do not be afraid to ask for another demo of the move or a clearer explanation. You are having these sessions to learn from them to eventually be able to train on your own. Unless you are having sessions because you like to be pushed by your trainer, you should have the aim to be constantly learning to implement the teachings in your own training.

And finally, my main rule, I want you to have fun and enjoy the sessions. If we do something you utterly hate, we can change it, if you want to try something new like boxing we can try it. It may be a case of working up to the exercises but we can work towards it. The session is yours, put all of your effort in, trust your trainer and enjoy the process. If you enjoy the process you will want to stick with your programme and will ultimately get the results you want.

I hope that helps answer some of the training questions I know we all have when going out of our comfort zone.

Take the first step to get training and you will start seeing incredible changes and progress, if you want any more info, contact me here.



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