Food for fat loss

food for fat loss

Top foods to eat for fat loss

I hate to break it to you… there is no such thing as a food to boost fat loss. All the fad diets and products aimed at fat loss are also a waste of time and money. You can’t pop a magic pill and expect maintainable fat loss, you can’t drink a ‘skinny tea’ and expect the scales to drastically change and remain there. And don’t even get me started on horrific money making ploys like Juice Plus and Herbalife. If you have been sucked into any of the above, don’t worry you aren’t alone. The time to change the way you observe fat loss and sustainable change is now, throw away your Juice Plus products, bin your skinny teas and read the following post.

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It sounds simple, but it is something we all struggle with, maintaining a happy, healthy weight. Whether thats from over eating, too much alcohol or a lack of exercise, it affects everyone. So, you say, what should I be eating to get lean, to get to a body weight I am happy with?? The answer, anything you want. You could eat only chocolate and lose weight, you could survive off McDonalds and lose weight… the key is Calories in vs Calories out.

I recently posted on my Facebook page regarding this so check that out for more info. But the concept really is that simple. You need to work out how many calories your body needs to maintain a stable weight, if you ate that amount of calories and remained as active as you are, you will pretty much stay stable on the scales. Take 100 calories off that amount or start exercising slightly more and you will be in a calorie deficit. Being in a calorie deficit means you are burning more calories than you are taking on board, which ultimately leads to weightloss. Eat or drink slightly more or exercise less than you are used to and you are eating over your bodies needs, thus leading to weight gain. This is critical to know for losing weight or perhaps gaining weight or wanting to gain muscle.

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Now back to the foods you should be eating. I am a huge advocate of flexible dieting, no foods are out of bounds. In my experience, allowing yourself a piece of chocolate, accounting for it in your calories, prevents overeating and bingeing. If, however, you decide to base your diet on more processed foods, you will have less food to eat – McDonalds can be seriously calorie dense compared to chicken and vegetables and you may not feel great in yourself. Ensure you are eating plenty of nutrient rich foods, lean meats and you will find your calories go far further and you feel more satisfied with your daily food.

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Each individuals calorie needs are different and it is completely up to you, your lifestyle and your body, as to your specific calorie needs. For more info, contact me.

My diet is extremely varied and I like to change up my food a lot, as you can see from the images within this blog. I eat out, i eat chocolate and i also eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Food is to fuel your body and when you get the basics, your goals will be far easier to achieve. Follow me on Instagram as I often post the foods i am eating and daily post on stories.

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I hope you found that interesting and further down the line, I will go more in depth. Please message me for more information.


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