How to be healthy on holiday

healthy holiday sunsetSo, I have just returned from a wonderful two week holiday in Crete. One thing a lot of people struggle with when they go on holiday is not returning home feeling like they need to go on an immediate diet and that their fitness levels have all but disappeared. This is the first holiday i have ever been on where I think i found the best and healthiest balance, returning home feeling rested and ready to hit the gym. So, what are my top tips to feel your best?

1.Eat fresh food

I ate fresh fruit picked straight from the tree, local greek yoghurt and wonderful local salads. Yes, I ate ice cream and chocolate everyday but the bulk of my food was nutrient dense and delicious. No calorie counting, no restriction just enjoying good food and drink.

2. Explore

We did a lot of walking around our local area, discovering the local fruit market, the tree with the best pomegranates and the best views all while getting some steps in a burning some calories without even realising.

3. Listen to your body

When I felt like exercising or wanted to exercise, then I did. When i didn’t feel like it, I didn’t. There are no rules on holiday, I exercised because I enjoy it, but I also wanted to give my body some much needed rest. I didn’t follow a plan or a programme, just did what I wanted to do, hill sprints, hikes and HIIT workouts.

4. Enjoy yourself

Healthy isn’t just about the dress size you wear or the amount you can squat. Sometimes you need to take time to relax, read a book, float in the pool and drink a few gin and tonics. Health is as much about your mentality as it is about your body. Look after your mental health first to live a healthy balanced life.

5. Create memories

Have fun with your friends and family, experience local culture and enjoy your well deserved holiday. You want to be able to look back in years to come about all the amazing things you did and what a fantastic holiday it was not the fact you wish you had tried that incredible ice cream place but didn’t because of your diet.

At the end of the day, there are 52 weeks in the year and having one or two weeks indulging is not the be all and end all of the hard work you have put in for the rest of the year. So get rid of the post holiday guilt, set your targets and goals and get back into your routine. No crash diets, no severe calorie restriction and no punishment!

Positive, healthy vibes only.

For a quick HIIT workout you can try anywhere, follow the link here.


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