Holiday HIIT workout


Holidays, the time of year everyone panic diets to look great on the beach only to return feeling like they have seriously over indulged. Your clothes feel tighter and you hit the diet bandwagon once again.

This does not have to be how you have to feel post holiday. I like to do a quick workout or a longer walk or run every day on holiday, so I can indulge in ice creams and cocktails without any guilt. And even if I do put on a few holiday pounds, I have kept my fitness levels up and just felt good each day. Exercise should be enjoyable not a chore and for me holidays are no different.

I love to train outside in good weather, preferably with a nice pool and an incredible breakfast waiting for me afterwards… holidays mean I can do this with no time constraints and no programme to follow in the gym. I create workouts I actually enjoy just to get my body moving.

Here is a little HIIT workout to try at home, on holiday or wherever really. All you need is something reasonably heavy for shoulder pressing and side raises. Anything will do, water bottles are a great piece of equipment that we all have lying around.

So find a little bit of space, put some music on and follow this workout.

hiit workout

Let me know if you try the workout or if it inspires you to create your own. Fitness doesn’t have to revolve around hours in the gym. Use a quick 20 minutes to get your heart rate up and your muscles moving, get your family involved as all exercises can be tailored to your individual fitness level.

Here is a PDF print out of the workout so you can take it anywhere with you.

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