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confetti shot back post wedding

So, it has been a while since i have uploaded any blog posts. The main reason, I got married. Now it has definitely been almost 2 months since then but I have been mega busy and really haven’t been very good at scheduling in time to write my posts. But I am now back and determined to post more regularly.

So the pre-wedding ‘diet’. I set out to lose a little bit of weight pre-wedding to feel my best on the day (whether you thought i needed to or not). This DID NOT happen. Too many things were going on, too many social events i didn’t want to miss out on and just generally being wrapped up in the crazy world of running your own business, planning a DIY wedding and also trying not to turn into a hermit.

wedding details

So what did I learn from the diet that didn’t happen? I managed to maintain some form of sanity and enjoyment pre-wedding without the dreaded feeling of the scales not quite showing what i wanted them to daily. I actually felt bloody brilliant on my wedding day, and my weight didn’t matter. My dress fit beautifully and who cares that my arms didn’t have any form of muscle definition to show on the day. When i look at the images, I just see happiness. I managed to keep training throughout and I felt strong and healthy. I followed a workout programme I set for myself and I pretty much stuck to it weekly and realised that I need to keep my trining varied and exciting.

But overall, I learned that for me, I just want to feel great. I have dieted down previously on lower calories than I’d like, monitoring every morsel to the gram and looked pretty good. However, I was miserable, I hated training and I wasn’t particularly pleasant to live with #hangry. My focus is solely on feeling great for my training whilst staying in control and consciously eating what my body needs. Yes, I still weigh out things like pasta and oats, but that is because i find them really easy to overeat on and it just keeps my calories in check. Focus on non-aesthetic goals in the gym and your body will follow.

My goals going forward are to get the training in for my half marathon in September and to get back into my pull-up training. No practice has sent me from being able to do 8 to around 4, my aim is to do 10 by the end of the year!

The moral of this story, eat well, eat consciously, exercise, enjoy life and don’t focus on the scale weight.

back view

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