The importance of good form


One perk of having a personal trainer, is that there is someone constantly ensuring you are exercising with the correct form. Thats all well and good, but what does that actually mean?

When exercising and lifting weights, it is important to lift safely. So to start with, form ensures you have the lowest risk of injury possible. Performing the technique correctly means you can lift heavier, squat deeper or push harder with the safest execution.

Secondly, good form ensures that the exercise you are performing, targets the muscles you want to target. For example you may be doing dumbbell bicep curls, lifting the heaviest weight you have ever lifted. But, if you are not contracting your bicep, you are swinging slightly from the hips and lifting up your shoulder to your ear, you will never grow your biceps to their full potential. Exercises like that want to be isolated to allow them to grow. Its not to say you can’t get results doing incorrect or poor technique, you can. But you will not reach your full potential and it will take you longer to see results with a greater risk of injury.

Another important factor to consider when looking at your form, is whether you are completing the full range of movement. When doing a pull up, it is very common to see people doing half reps, only lowering slightly and then raising back up. Ask that same person to lower themselves so their arms are fully extended, and chances are they won’t be able to. Regress your reps to a level you can complete them with perfect form before progressing. On a pull up, start using bands, jump up to the top of the rep and lower, or start on the ground and use a low bar to pull yourself up with the help of your legs. All of these enable you to build up the muscles required for you to do a full body weight pull up.

So help your training the easy way, check your form. And if you are unsure, hire a trainer for a session for some additional help.

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