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This weeks blog topic comes directly from one of my clients who confessed that she would not step foot in a gym without me there because she was nervous and lacking in confidence. Sadly, this is something I hear a lot and usually its due to previous gym experiences or just generally feeling unsure of your own abilities. So, what are the issues and what do I recommend to boost your confidence levels.

1.Everyone else knows exactly what they are doing.

Firstly, everyone in that room had to start somewhere, the amount of times I see people quite obviously watching others for tips on what to do and exercises to perform is huge. The best way to feel more confident in this situation is to go in prepared. Ask one of the PTs to show you around so you know exactly where everything is… there is nothing worse than aimlessly wandering around trying to find the dumbells. Have a plan with you of exercises you want to do, start basic and eventually create a proper programme to follow. If you start with the basic exercises like lunges, squats, chest press etc you can’t go wrong.

2. Everyone is staring at me.

From years of experience in the gym, people are either looking at you and admiring your form/effort levels or wanting to copy the technique you are using or they are staring at themselves and their #gymgainz. Most guys in the gym are more interested in making you look at them and how much they can lift than caring about you, your outfit or what you are doing. Go into that gym, put your headphones on and get stuck in to your workout. If your work levels are high, you won’t even care about anyone looking at you.

3. I look fat in lycra.

Another confidence issue I see is people feeling uncomfortable in workout gear. Now the key to this point is to get clothes that fit you really well, nothing too tight that you can’t breathe and also nothing too baggy that it is going to slip down and be uncomfortable. I would probably stick with black leggings and tops in lots of different colours and styles so you can pick and choose depending on workout intensity. Nice workout gear always makes you feel so much better, wearing clothes with confidence makes you look 100x better without even doing any exercise.

4. I really don’t know where to start.

Get yourself a PT. Pay for a couple of sessions to learn correct techniques, a programme to follow and you will see the benefits straight away. You will have someone there with you to start with so all your questions can be answered as you go along. A good PT will educate you so you can go off on your own armed with knowledge.

5. Im still nervous.

If all of the above hasn’t put you at ease, grab a friend and go in together. You can help each other out and also its far less scary when you have someone to laugh with.

So there we have it, a few tips to help boost your confidence and get you in that gym. The first session is always the hardest but remember, no one in the gym will laugh at you or think you shouldn’t be there because they have all been in your position. I always ask people for help when i am in the gym if i can’t move something or lift something and 99% of the time, people are more than happy to help me.

If you have any questions or want any further guidance, feel free to contact me here.



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