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Over the years I have trained in so many different ways I can’t even recall them all. I have gone from being a sports only person, football mainly but I will try my hand at any sport. This year I want to play more tennis which I started to learn around 3 years ago. I then got really into swimming and running, eventually running a few half marathons. About 15 I discovered the gym. Mainly using the cardio machines and moving around some of the lighter weights, this was alongside football and running. When I went to uni I got more into the weightlifting side of the gym, lifting heavier and focussing on weights over cardio. Today, I do a little bit of everything.

Now I am not saying my routine is right or wrong, Im not saying you should copy me or that I enjoy every single part of my training, but, it works for me at the moment.

So, my week looks like this:

Monday – Upper or lower body session

Tuesday – yoga/stretching or a run

Wednesday – PT session

Thursday – Yoga/stretching

Friday – Upper or Lower body session

Weekend – running, hiking, getting outdoors, or any activity that i fancy (I recently went bouldering for a change and loved it)

I split my weight sessions into lower and upper sessions purely for convenience and I can plan my other sessions around what part of my body will be feeling the most tired. That doesn’t work for everyone but currently I am liking it. I like to do one or two big compound movements like squats, deadlifts and chest press before moving on to the more accessory moves and finishing off with some more intense, quick paced HIIT moves or just anything I fancy. I really feel like if I change up the ends of my workout and throw in little bits to try, I don’t get bored and I am more likely to stick to it. My sessions are programmed and I do keep a note of weights lifted etc but if I want to change it up, I do. For me the importance is actually going and doing a workout rather than hating working out just because its programmed for that day.

Yoga/stretching, something I started last year and have been aiming to do at least once a week since. Apart from the occasional work commitment, I have stuck to this and am seeing serious improvements in my lifting, my ability to move freely and less tightness all over. Due to my job, I can only attend day sessions so have been going to the 45 minute classes which actually are just enough for me right now. If i can’t go to a class, I try to spend 20 minutes or so stretching out at home.

PT is something I really look forward to each week. Having someone to push me to achieve more than I would on my own is worth the money for me. I share my PT with Drage and we use it as time to spend together. Since I have started with my PT, all my lifts have improved and I am feeling super strong. I also went from not being able to do a single bodyweight pull up to being almost at 5 unassisted.

My weekends are something I treasure. The chance to do any type of exercise I want, hiking mountains, walking around new cities or going for a long run with no time pressures. I just like getting in the fresh air.

As I said earlier, this is not how many people would set up their training schedule because I am not focussed on the numbers I am lifting, I exercise to feel good. I like to set mini targets to achieve along the way.

As I get married in 3 months, my aim is to feel my best on the day. For me it isn’t about losing weight, but I would like to just tighten things up a bit (my own opinion). I have started introducing a little more cardio in when I get the chance. This week I have been doing 200cals on the treadmill each day, more as a chance to take 20 minutes to myself watching Youtube but also so I don’t have to lower my calories again just yet. This isn’t something I am doing religiously, only when I get the chance and sometimes it is nice to just stretch your legs out and switch off.

So there we have it, my week in exercise. Its important to remember I am only doing this because I am currently enjoying it. My training changes all the time and I am happy with that. I also always listen to my body and rest when I need to or eat a little more when I need to. Fitness should fit into your life not you into it. Find something you enjoy and do it no matter what anyone else says you should be doing.

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