Personal training and mindset

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During my time as a personal trainer, I have learned a lot about behaviour and mindset of people. The majority of people come to me wanting to lose weight, usually for an event or a holiday. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose a few pounds to fit better in that dress or to look great in the photos, but I feel these targets have a detrimental affect on your time with your PT. How can you make the most from your PT sessions? Embrace a more positive mindset of what your body can do instead of what it can’t or isn’t doing.

I am slowly moving away from taking clients measurements. The reason, I don’t think it benefits them or me. I want my clients to feel great, I want them to feel strong, fit and healthy. You could have doubled the amount you can deadlift or you are finally squatting with amazing form and then you get put on the scales or you have your waist measurement taken and you haven’t lost anything, you haven’t lost ‘enough’ or occasionally the measurements may have increased. All the progress has been forgotten and you are feeling utterly crap for a number that in reality means nothing.

I am implementing a few big changes within my business over the coming months. One of these is getting my clients to track their progress within the gym. Lets move away from how much you weigh and focus on how strong you feel or how your jeans fit better because you have built strong glutes or just the increase in energy from sticking to your plan and smashing every session.

Your sessions shouldn’t be punishment for what you ate at the weekend or what you’re going to drink the following weekend. Focus on other goals, strength, mobility, cardio levels and you will find you actually enjoy working out for the challenge, to see how far you can go and the results you can achieve.

Your sessions shouldn’t be about weightloss. Weightloss comes when your diet is in check. Make a few simple swaps alongside your gym sessions and ultimately you will see the greatest benefit. Feed your body well to fuel your sessions, don’t starve yourself to get slim. Take the focus away from how you look for a while and you may just find the physical results you want will follow.

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