Portion Control – Why I weigh my food

Portion Control… it’s something many of us struggle with and something that I now find pretty easy to get on top of with a bit of preparation.

I like to weigh my food. I like to know exactly what I am eating and how many calories I consume daily. I have weighed food for so long that I can pretty much look at food and know if it is a correct portion size for me (plus or minus a few grams).

I have photographed weighed portions versus the amount of food I may think is a portion without weighing. I want to show the difference in calories between foods when extra volume doesn’t look particularly different.

Struggling to lose those last few pounds or feel you have plateaued? Try weighing your food for a week to get a grasp on how much you are actually consuming.Peanut Butter calorie comparison

Peanut Butter.

One of my biggest weaknesses and the highest in calories to get wrong. The images don’t look particularly different but the difference is almost 100 calories. If you were having 2 slices for breakfast, that is almost 200 calories extra just at breakfast.

Olive oil calorie comparison

Olive Oil

Pretty much a cooking staple in most households and again, really easy to just throw into the pan without even thinking. Granted, it tastes far better than any low calorie spray but do you really need to cook your food in as much? Probably not! With oil, a little goes a long way.

Oats calorie comparison


Again, another diet staple for me. Many people think its easy to use a scoop for speed when measuring out oats. By simply filling the scoop to the top rather than using a heaped scoop, you will save 100 calories. Bulk out your oats with egg whites or courgette and you will still get the volume you are looking for.

Nuts calorie comparison


How many of you mindlessly eat nuts because they are deemed contain healthy fats? By not consciously weighing out your portions, you could be seriously over eating. Fats are still fats and they still need to be monitored whether they are deemed to be ‘healthy’ or not.

Banana Calorie Comparison


One issue I have with bananas, is them being classed as small, medium or large. What you may see as a large banana, someone else may see it as a medium banana. Again causing huge differences in the calories you estimate you are eating.

Once you understand what a portion should look like for you, you will not need to weigh everything you are going to eat. However to keep a grasp on your calorie consumption, it could be of huge benefit to spend an extra 10 minutes a day weighing out your ingredients before you eat them.

There isn’t long before summer and every little thing will help you on your way to looking and feeling great.

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