Radio Silence and Christmas Treats

engagement proposalFirstly, hello again. I am extremely sorry for the radio silence over on my blog. I promise I will be back to regular posts once Christmas is over.

I have had a very hectic few months due to one epic milestone… I got engaged.

On a wet and windy welsh mountain top, possibly my favourite place to be, away from all other people my now fiancé got down on one knee and proposed. Completely unexpected and followed by lots of happy tears, shock and a bit of anxiety at the thought of having to be centre of attention for a day we have now set our date for June 2018 and are in full swing Wedding prep mode.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know i am still busy working and am posting far more regularly over there, but I have been a bit stretched for time creating blog content.

However, some good news, keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the release of my 12 days of Christmas special offers. The offers will be over on my Facebook page and available for 12 days only…. I may be saving the best deal for Christmas itself. 6 deals in total, 5 being released tomorrow.

So, if there are any topics you want covered on my blog, any burning questions that you would like to know a little bit more about, email me, message me or ask me directly and I will get to work.

after the ring




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