Top 5 reasons to start exercising Today!

reasons to start exercising

It is very easy to keep putting off going to the gym or going out for that run, however much you told yourself you would start tomorrow! Well Today is the new Tomorrow and there is no better time to start aiming for that fitter, healthier lifestyle than today!

1.You will feel great

We have all heard that exercising makes you feel good, maybe not at the time, but the post workout high is a real thing. Working out releases endorphins, happy hormones, to give you that feel good high post workout. But it isn’t only after the workout that you will feel great. Many people who workout in the morning feel more energised and proactive throughout the day. SO if you want to have the best chance of having a great day, get exercising first thing. Even if it is a 20minute walk, it is still burning calories and getting you moving.

2. You will sleep better

It is true, exercising aids better sleep. Not only does it allow you to forget about anything else worrying you or the list of jobs that need doing, it gives you much needed ‘me’ time. Use it as a way to reduce stress levels, concentrate on exercising, not the pile of ironing you left at home. You will be sleeping better in no time.

3. Lower your risk of illness

Being fit and healthy decreases your risk of all sorts of diseases and illnesses. Keeping your body fat levels in check and your blood pressure steady are just two of the main benefits of exercising. Resistance exercise has been proven in helping maintain strong healthy bones and avoid diseases like osteoporosis. If you only need one reason to workout… do it for the quality of life you can have.

4. It’s fun and it’s free

An activity you can enjoy with anyone and anywhere. You don’t need to be a member of a fancy gym or have the latest equipment to get exercising. Go out exploring, hiking, cycling or swimming. do some weights in your garden or a circuit you have seen on Youtube. Fitness does not have to be complicated or inaccessible. So grab that skipping rope, throw away your excuses and get started.

5. Become a role model

You want to give your Children/Nieces/Nephews/Grandchildren the best possible chance at succeeding in life? Be a role model, make fitness the norm. Enable them to be the fittest and strongest they can be. Teach them it is normal to want to explore local walks and hikes and its normal to not want to spend your weekends inside a shopping centre spending money. It’s normal to want to play 3 different sports because you can’t choose which you prefer or to play tennis until your arms want to drop off because you want to be the best. Set the standard and it will become the norm.

Just a few tips on why I believe you should just get started today, don’t wait.

If you want a nudge in the right direction or you want to build your confidence in anything health and fitness related, contact me today to find out how i can help.


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