Recipe – Secret Ingredient Oats

courgette oats

Another recipe based around oats… but it is a good one!!

I like to eat food in large quantities. I like to feel full and cannot stand when a meal leaves you feeling disappointed however, that isn’t always the best for my waistline. So to combat this, I like to add lots of volume to my meals without the additional calories. Porridge is one of my favourite meals, I eat it for breakfast lunch and, twice this week, for dinner.

I often feel like oats can just disappear when cooked and the portion does not end up as big as expected. So… how do I make my bowl of oats bigger without doubling the amount of oats? Courgette!!

Im sure, like I was when I first tried it, you are at home thinking, ‘ughhhh how revolting’. But, I promise you, if made correctly, you cannot taste the courgette and it actually just adds slightly more texture to this dish.

I made chocolate oats, but other ways I have enjoyed it this week are, melting banana into the mix, using coconut milk, adding a spoon of peanut butter while cooking and vanilla flavour (Not all at the same time).

ingredients on table

So, the recipe…

Protein Powder – 30g

Oats – 40g

Courgette (Grated) – 100g

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk – 200ml

Toppings – Fruit, Sugar free syrup, coconut, yoghurt, nut butter, chocolate


1. Place the oats in a pan and cover with milk

2.heat through and keep stirring as it thickens. If becoming too thick, add more milk or water

3.Once almost cooked through, add in courgette and stir into mix.

4.Remove from the heat and add the protein powder – Stir, stir, stir.

5. Serve up, add toppings and enjoy!

This method is for on the gas hob but it is just as easy to do in the microwave. My top microwave tip, it to soak your oats and courgette in the milk overnight and just heat it in the morning.

courgette oats in bowl

If I really want to up the volume and the protein content, I will also add egg whites once fully cooked. If you add them and keep stirring, they will cook from the heat of the oats and make them more cake-like in texture.

I am really loving using the Neat Whey Protein powder in chocolate at the moment. It’s a really natural tasting powder, mixes really well and doesn’t become dry. If you want to make this a savoury base for dinner or lunch, use an unflavoured protein powder.

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