Small Group Fitness

Small Group Fitness, Female Personal Trainer Bristol

Don’t fancy training on your own or want to make training more cost effective? Why not train with friends… Small Group Fitness brings all the benefits of a personal training session for less.

Sometimes it can be daunting to workout on your own, Small Group Fitness training sessions allow you to get all of the results with the added benefit of having a laugh with your friends at the same time. Many of my small group clients have seen incredible results from the friendly competition and encouragement that training with friends allows.

Losing weight, hitting your goals and having fun should not be a hypothetical ideal… it is attainable and it can be yours. There are real benefits of training with friends too.

I have a huge amount of equipment that we can use to make each session dynamic and interesting, fitness should never be boring. I want you to look forward to all of your sessions and enjoy every moment while smashing any targets we set for you.

As well as spending quality time with your friends, it is a brilliant way to overcome the barrier of childcare. Either bring the children along with you when we train outside or share childcare responsibilities.

Small group fitness allows up to four friends to train together in a fun way. It’s convenient too, as I can come to you.

If you think you may be interested in small group training or you just want some more information please contact me or call today.