How to feel great while travelling

It is easy to fall off track when you are off on holiday or out of your normal routine. Although fine once in a while, most people thrive on some form of routine when eating and exercising. I have listed a few of my top tips to help you to feel great while you are away.


Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways we can help our bodies. Our body is made up from around 60% water, it helps us to function correctly and feel good. When we travel it is so easy to get dehydrated, you may be rushing around more or eating out more where there is likely to be added salt in you food. All of these factors leave your body craving extra hydration. If you are travelling abroad, planes and warm weather can leave you feeling pretty sluggish! Ensure you have a bottle of water with you to sip on whenever you need it and you should combat the travel bloat.

Eat Fresh

For many, the airport is the first hurdle. I struggle to find gluten free food I want to eat that is healthy at the airport so I make sure I have prepared something in advance to stop me resorting to chips or chocolate. It means i don’t get as bloated and tired before I have even arrived at the departure gate. It doesn’t have to be a whole meal, it could be small snacks like carrot sticks or fruit that are easy to eat and durable in your bag… I once took eggs in a pot for a flight – Never again! Stick to food you know lasts well and still looks appetising.

Your holiday is a great chance to try different food from a different culture. To make sure you feel great for your whole trip, try and stick to nutritious, fresh choices. Try the local seafood, eat the local fruit and ask the locals what they would recommend eating. If you really want ice cream, have it… you are on holiday after all but hopefully you will feel completely satisfied from your main meals and a small scoop is enough.


If you are travelling sat down for several hour, make sure you take 20 minutes to go for a walk, explore your new surroundings and just get some fresh air. You will add valuable steps to your day and be getting all the benefits of exploring your holiday destination. Walking is a great way to see things you may miss if you just drive by, there will be so much to see, you won’t even realise you are exercising.

If you are worrying that the hotel you are staying at or the relatives you are visiting don’t have access to a gym, use it as an excuse to revamp your workouts and discover a new passion for fitness. I love to run and do circuits on the beach when I am abroad, something you never get to do in England because the weather is rarely good enough. By changing up the exercises you do, you will target muscles you may have been neglecting in your current routine.


I for one am a sun lizard, I love nothing more than laying by a pool, reading my book and doing nothing. However, I also love to discover new activities that I may not get the chance to do at home. Get the family up, out and having fun. Go kayaking, play tennis, go waterskiing, enjoy a coastal walk, hire bikes or just wander around the local town. You will be burning calories, having fun and enjoying the new culture without feeling like you are missing out on relaxing.

Enjoy yourself

You are on holiday, enjoy yourself. It is very rare in todays society to be able to take time out to spend completely with your loved ones with no work or social media distractions. Health is not just about being physically fit and healthy, your mindset is probably the most important aspect of yourself that you can look after. Take a few days off from training if you need it, eat a few extra treats and ice creams and just enjoy spending time with those you love. You will probably find that you come back from your holiday refreshed and motivated to get straight back into your training after having much deserved rest.


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