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This week I am going to tackle a subject that we all have and do struggle with. Staying healthy while you are at work. We spend a lot of our lives stuck at work limited to what we can eat at various times depending on the facilities available to you. This often results in buying lunches out, snacking on food to get you through the day or just bringing in something easy from home. Put all of this alongside the birthday treats, or the cake Friday or the fry up in the canteen and you can see why people struggle to maintain their weight in their day to day lives.

So, what are my tips to help with all these hurdles?

Bring your lunch in from home

This does not have to be time consuming. Make extra dinner the night before and have a leftover lunch, make a huge batch of something and just grab a bag of it from the freezer each morning. Chilli, bolognese and casseroles all work well for this. Try to have a lunch with a good serving of protein, this will keep you fuller for longer compared to just eating a cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps.

Snack, snack, snack

Now there are two ways you can tackle this. The first and something I can’t do, is to load your desk with healthy snacks to nibble on. Fruit, jerky, veggies etc. When you get peckish you always have something there and won’t end up bingeing or heading to the tuck shop. I can’t be trusted with this technique because if food is there, i will eat it. So i take my snacks with me for the day so I know that those are the only things I can eat in the day. This works for me and I can space them throughout the day.

Do not restrict

Everyone is going for a fry up in the canteen and you don’t want to miss out. You don’t have to. Opt for the lower calorie items like beans, poached eggs, mushrooms, toast and bacon. Avoid the calorie laden items like the sausages, the fried bread and the black pudding. The same goes for office cakes and treats. If it is someones birthday, have a bit of cake but make it a small piece. That way you won’t feel you are missing out and you also won’t over eat because you feel you can’t. You could even have a slightly smaller lunch or one less snack to account for it.

Ignore the critics

People hate different. You are trying to stick to your diet and people in the office don’t like it. All of a sudden you are boring and are being told to ‘have a bit it won’t hurt’. But actually, a bit for you may lead to you not having as much control as you would like and ultimately you go completely off track. Stick to your guns, try not to talk about it too much and people won’t even notice. Eventually your colleagues will just come to accept that this is how you eat and perhaps they will embrace it rather than criticise it themselves. Do what you think is right for you, at the end of the day, it is no ones business except your own.

Get outside

I say it a lot but try to leave your desk at lunchtime. Go for a walk, get some steps in and just enjoy the fresh air. You will feel so much more awake in the afternoon and will have effortlessly burnt calories without trying.

I hope some of these tips help you. For more inspiration to get exercising click here.

Please comment below or message me with any other topics you would like me to cover!


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