The non-recipe cereal recipe

protein breakfastLots of my clients struggle to up their protein at breakfast. Some people either don’t fancy a cooked breakfast everyday or don’t have the time for making eggs before work. And that is absolutely fine, your diet and exercise has to fit around your preferences and your lifestyle. If you don’t make fitness work for you, it won’t work. You don’t need to waste your money on protein granola or protein cereal which is over priced, high in sugar and actually not very high in protein.

Protein isn’t the be all and end all but it does help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, aid muscle recovery and helps with muscle gain. If you really want to get a bit more protein in for breakfast and cooking food is not an option for you try out this recipe, which isn’t really a recipe at all because it is so easy.

Yep, this is literally cereal with protein milk.

protein ingredient flat lay


1 scoop/sachet of protein




protein ingredients


Make your protein shake with milk or water. I tend to make it slightly thicker as I don’t like my cereal to go soggy.

Use instead of milk over your cereal and top with fruit and seeds of your choice.

It couldn’t be easier.protein cereal

My top tips would be to choose a nice protein powder that you actually like the taste of. I really love Wheybox whey powder. I love that it comes in sachets because i don’t use protein powder everyday and it keeps it nice and fresh and I can take it anywhere. I have tried this with cornflakes and I personally didn’t like it as much, purely because they go so soft so quickly, but chocolate or toffee protein shake with Coco Pops is incredible.

The easiest breakfast to do on the run, at work or just at home.

easy protein cereal

For other breakfast ideas and recipes, head over to my blog. One of my favourites is a secret ingredient oat recipe.


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