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How can I get the motivation back to train when gyms still aren’t opening?

So gyms won’t be opening on the 4th of July… You started to lose your motivation a good few weeks ago and now you literally haven’t got any oomph to get up and move your body. How can you find your mojo to get back into a bit of a workout routine?

We have all been there and I for one have struggled to maintain any form of routine during lockdown. But I have tried a few different things that may help you guys to get back on track.

Tip 1

Try a different form of exercise. Maybe find a yoga class online, go and ride your bike, do some gardening. Just do anything that you enjoy that gets your body moving. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same thing every week. Just because your gym may be offering online workouts, doesn’t mean you can’t go and try out some classes elsewhere.

Tip 2

Buy yourself a new piece of equipment. You may be able to get yourself a new kettlebell to try or some resistance bands that add a new element to training and you can add a different part to your sessions. My favourite thing to add in, is a bit of padwork. So grab some boxing gloves and pads and get your housemate or partner to train with you. Set a timer and take it in turns being boxer and padder. Its a killer workout and amazing cardio.

Tip 3

Change your workout location. If you are bored of the same garden workouts or runs around your local park, find somewhere new. Even if you drive 5 minutes to a different park, a change of scenery definitely helps to get you motivated. You could even arrange to meet a friend to train with you near to them and get them to set the workout.

Tip 4

Try to find people that inspire you on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and see what workouts they post. I don’t tend to follow whole workouts but I like taking elements of what they do. It’s also fun to try something new each week. So try out a new exercise that you haven’t done before or a new piece of kit that you were previously unsure of.

At the end of the day, motivation is always an issue for most people so having ways to manage that is always handy whether gyms are shut or not!! Check out my post on how to create a home workout here.


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