Top 5 tips to cut calories

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My Top 5 tips to cut calories easily and with very little effort

It is extremely difficult with the availability of calorie dense food, to always have enough willpower to resist temptation. Having a varied diet and eating higher calorie ‘less healthy’ foods is exactly what we should aim to do however we still need to take into account the calories we are consuming. Excess calories in our diet equals weight gain and extra body fat.

We need to base our diets around wholesome nutritious food with a little room for higher calorie foods that we love and enjoy, like chocolate or cake.

The tips above are a few ways i fill up on food in big portions without feeling the need to binge on the less nutrient dense choices.


Get yourself to the supermarket and have a look in the fruit and veg section at all the new ways they are making vegetables more accessible. we now have boodles (butternut squash noodles) courgetti, squaffles (waffles made from squash) vegetable cous cous and many many more. Try them out, use them as inspiration to make your own. You don’t know you don’t like it until you try.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Keep those hunger pangs at bay by always having a drink nearby, keep your fluid levels up throughout the day.

Eating out

Don’t say yes to every extra just because it is a meal out. Use these meals as a chance to experiment, opt for a burger with no bun, egg instead of cheese, a side salad and share fries instead of a whole portion to yourself. Fill up on nutrient dense food and chances are you won’t want many chips.

Enjoy your food

Don’t just mindlessly rush through a chocolate bar, have slightly less and savour it. Your body and your waist line will like you for it.

Find a PDF here to print out and keep somewhere as a reminder.


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