Top 5 tips to start at the gym

Top 5 tips

My Top 5 tips to start at the gym

It is really really common for people, especially women, to be nervous about starting at the gym. Whether thats because they feel like they don’t know what they are doing, they feel self conscious or they just haven’t got any clue about what to expect. All of these are completely normal and easy to work on changing so you can step foot in the gym with confidence.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to gain the confidence to start training in the gym and achieving your goals.

Wear comfortable clothes

We have all been there, something looked great in the shop, you buy it, get it home and find actually its slightly too tight, or the trousers fall down when you sit or they just aren’t that comfortable. My first tip, however simple it may seem, is to wear comfortable clothes. Clothes you feel great in and fit perfectly. This automatically takes away some of the feeling of being in an uncomfortable situation. Even better, treat yourself to a new outfit to make you want to go to the gym.

Diarise it

Make the gym a priority in your week. Plan it on your calendar at times you know you can stick to. If you know you hate getting up early, don’t plan to start gymming at that time as you are far more likely to give up when it doesn’t fit easily into your routine. Make it easy for yourself and be honest about what works for you. Just because others say you should workout in the morning or the evening etc, do what works for you.

Grab a friend

Make the gym more fun and train with a friend. Even if you are unsure you are doing the right thing, you can laugh with your workout buddy and help each other. It also gives you someone to be accountable to. They will push you when you don’t want to go to the gym and visa versa.

Set a target

Have something to aim for. If you are seeing progress, you have a reason to keep going. Nothing is better for motivation than achieving something you have always wanted to. Whether you have a weightless goal, an aesthetic goal or a strength goal, write it down, keep going back to it and strive to achieve it. Try splitting your big goal into mini targets so your motivation stays high seeing constant progress.

Get a trainer

If you are really unsure about what to do in the gym or you just want to have more confidence that you are doing it right, invest in a trainer! Even if it is for 1 session, it will be worth it. Its important if you aren’t always the most self motivated person to work out how much you want to hit your goals… a trainer could be the answer.

So there we have it… 5 tips to help you realise that the gym should be an option for everyone and you need to get in there and smash your goals. If you want to carry on the Top 5 tips series and print the infographic out as a PDF, click Here.


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