Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight

Top 5 Tips to lose weight


Many people struggle to lose weight. I have compiled my top 5 tips, you can follow to kickstart and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe consistency is key, apply the tips to your life and you will see a significant leap towards your goals and targets.


Take onboard a good amount of fluids in the day to ensure your body can function properly. If you find it hard to drink enough, get yourself a large bottle to fill up each day and aim to drink it. This will ensure you always have water with you. If you hate water (and it is very common), flavour the water with no added sugar squash or slices of lemon and lime.


Do not give up at the first hurdle. However negative you may feel about plateauing or gaining back a bit of weight, it could be due to things completely out of your control, like hormones. Women especially suffer with fluctuating weight throughout their cycles, keep a record of this so you can anticipate it happening. This will prevent you from wanting to give up.


It would be very easy to sit in a calorie surplus living off diet shakes and low calorie processed foods but, think about your overall health first. Feed your body and treat it with respect, fill up on all the vitamins you need to function correctly. Ensure you are eating lots of fruit and veg. Frozen is perfect to keep costs down and nutrients up. If you want your body to work with you, work with your body.


Get yourself up and moving, burn calories without even realising it. Don’t come in from work and sit straight in front of the TV, now the evenings are getting lighter, go out for a short walk, or just get some fresh air. You will be incredibly surprised how much this will affect not only your mood but your sleep quality. This is all on top of burning off extra calories and getting fit.


Live a life you love. Don’t do something just because it is the latest fad or you saw that a celebrity lost loads of weight doing it. If you love zumba, go to zumba, if you love to run, get outside and run. If you enjoy your exercise you will want to keep doing it. The same applies to food. Make your meals exciting and flavoursome and you will completely forget that you are trying to lose weight, you will simply be enjoying your dinner.

Please let me know if you found any of these helpful or if there are any more tips you would like!

Download the below link for a print out to keep on your fridge as a reminder!

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